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Snake repellents

The issue of snake repellents comes up regularly and no matter how often it is addressed, there are still lots of people that believe in using snake repellents. Some of the "remedies" include spraying Jeyes Fluid around their houses, old oil, diesel, petrol, Condy’s Crystals, moth balls, burning tyres, or certain plants like Geraniums or wild garlic. Others believe that rough gravel or vibrating devices, that are planted into the ground, will keep snakes away. Now one can even purchase snake repellent from a variety of hardware stores or farmers corporations. If only it were that easy! 

Many people falsely believe Geraniums repel snakesMany people falsely believe Geraniums repel snakes

Needless to say, none of the above snake repellents work and some of them even attract snakes! Research done in the USA showed that when snakes hatch (or are born), they immediately associate with odours in their immediate environment and may well link those smells with a safe environment, to the degree that such substances could attract them. Seeing a snake on your veranda and then spraying one of the above ‘repellents’ does not mean it is effective just because you do not see another snake – there are thousands of houses without so-called repellents that never have snakes. 

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As for the repellents, Wits University recently tested a variety of substances, including Jeyes Fluid, Snake Repellent, Moth Balls and some plants, and again, none of the snakes were repelled in any way. The results of these extensive tests as well as additional tests that were done in the wild will be published in the foreseeable future and will make for some meaningful reading.

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Although snakes easily sense vibrations, (especially when someone approaches a snake), they quickly get used to most vibrations and do not necessarily avoid drilling and construction sites. Some snakes live right next to busy highways where heavy vehicles cause excessive vibrations. The vibrating devices that originate from China do not keep snakes away and are a waste of money.

A Desert Horned Adder, hiding under a vbrating snake repeller

The Solution?
So how do you keep snakes out of your garden? It’s quite simple: Keep your garden clean, remove building rubble, piles of rocks, and other suitable places where snakes can hide. Sheets of asbestos or corrugated iron are especially favoured hiding places. Also bear in mind that snakes are attracted by rodents and frogs, and a water feature will attract frogs and they, in turn, may well attract snakes.

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There is one more solution in high-risk areas: Putting shade cloth onto your perimeter fence – about 1 m high and dug into the ground (at least 30 cm deep), and ensuring that entrance gate areas are also well sealed. Such a barrier will prevent well over 90% of snakes from entering one’s property. We have erected such barriers at mines and around farm houses with excellent results.

Shade cloth used on fence to keep snakes out of a site. 

Our latest video on the Snouted Cobra is now online! Check it out here.



We offer snake handling courses to both corporate clients and members of the public who require training on how to safely remove and relocate venomous snakes. Our courses are presented by world renowned herpetologist and author Johan Marais and are FGASA endorsed and accredited with the HPCSA. More information can be found on the website or our free ASI Snakes app.

Snake Awareness, First Aid for Snakebite and Venomous Snake Handling Course

Venue: PheZulu Safari Park, Assagay, KZN

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Snake Awareness, First Aid for Snakebite and Venomous Snake Handling Course

Venue: Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge, Muldersdrift, Gauteng

Date: Saturday06 July 2019

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Snake Awareness, First Aid for Snakebite and Venomous Snake Handling Course

Venue: Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge, Muldersdrift

Date: Saturday 03 August 2019

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Johan Marais is the author of various books on reptiles including the best-seller A Complete Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa. He is a popular public speaker and offers a variety of courses including Snake AwarenessScorpion Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling. Johan is accredited by the International Society of Zoological Sciences (ISZS) and is a Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) and Travel Doctor-approved service provider. His courses are also accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Johan is a qualified instructor for the Emergency Care & Safety Institute, in Oxygen Administration and Wilderness First Aid.












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